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Best Laravel CRUD Packages

A web developer's career starts from writing CRUD apps. From there, we move on to more complex architectures such as CQRS or DDD(Domain-driven design).

Laravel is a flexible framework with powerful ORM eloquent. Even though building a CRUD app is super easy with Laravel, you will still have to write a lot of boilerplate code.

In this post, we introduce the best Laravel packages for building CRUD applications.


Backpack is branded as an easy tool for building admin panels for your clients. It provides both free and premium add-ons.

InfyOm Laravel Generator

InfyOm Laravel Generator is a rewrite of laravel-api-generator. It provides much more clean code and features.

InfyOm Laravel Generator is a free product.


Craftable is a Laravel-based open-source toolkit for building administration interfaces. It ships with a powerful CRUD generator to speed up the development of your CMS, CRM, or other back-office systems.

Craftable provides a paid version called Craftable Pro.

Laravel Nova

Laravel Nova is a product of the official Laravel team. It is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel.

Laravel Nova is paid only product.