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How to Make Money as a Web Developer (Without a lot Of Marketing Skill)

If you are looking for ways to make money as a web developer, you probably have heard those success stories. Such as creating an online course, building a SaaS product, or writing an ebook. If you dig deep into those stories, you will soon discover that to repeat those successes, you will have to be very good at marketing.

Sadly most developers suck at marketing, in this post, we are going share some ways to make money without a lot of marketing skills.

Freelance work

Freelancing is probably the most straightforward method of utilizing our development skillset and making money.

You can get various freelance opportunities from the sites below:

Selling scripts

Developers love to write code. You can start selling scripts on the marketplace as shown below:

Selling plugins/extensions on the marketplace

Nowadays most applications provide an API and enable developers to build various plugins or apps for their applications. Moreover, they even provide a marketplace for authors to sell the plugins they built.

As a web developer, the applications below provide a marketplace to sell plugins: